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We make more than a device for dispensing, storing, and organizing topical medication tubes. We make a difference!

Inspiration behind the tube

My nursing colleague, GAYLE LINICK RN, comes in an hour early, 6 AM, every day to organize the treatment cart: its medication tubes, dressings, and supplies.

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The future of topical medication dispensing is in your hands. Don’t waste it!

Our Team

CEO | Founder

Tim Rowden

As a veteran (former Army medic), and a nurse, I am passionate about making veteran’s lives healthier and happier. While working at The Long Island State Veterans Home at Stony Brook University, for almost 18 years, I often became the frontline problem solver on the unit. Possessing the entrepreneurial gene, I was always trying to improve numerous factors around the facility. As a result, my nursing colleague, Gayle Linick, RN called me her “go-to” person whenever she had a problem (mechanical, technical, or computer).


She often complained about the difficulty in neatly dispensing, organizing, and storing of topical medication tubes. As her “go-to guy,” I conceived the TUBE-Rx solution to this universal nursing problem. The goal of TUBE-Rx is to make nurses more productive and happier while performing skilled nursing treatments. Ultimately, TUBE-Rx was developed to save time, money, and energy while decreasing medication waste, and increasing nursing
efficiency. We believe If you take care of the nurses, they will take extraordinary care of their patients/residents!

Our History
21st Century Medication Deserves State-Of-The-Art Delivery: TUBE-Rx

      TUBE-Rx is a startup company with a new product in the healthcare space. TUBE-Rx is currently transitioning from the conceptual phase through the design/engineering phase, and into the patenting process. The next phase will be prototype development from CAD files so that form and function can be optimized prior to beta testing.


       To date, the company has a vanity telephone number (1-833-TUBERX1). Also, the Goldstein Patent Law firm has been retained to prepare utility and design patent applications with the USPTO to protect some intellectual property. Prototype development has already begun, with the assistance of the SBA SBDC, at the Baruch College Lawrence N. Field Center For Entrepreneurship in Manhattan. After a viable prototype has been developed via 3D printing, I plan to consult with Tony Rogers, CEO of Creative Mechanisms, Inc. about fine-tuning the engineering for the injection molding process. They are a respected one-stop plastic prototype development company with vast experience with “living hinges” which TUBE-Rx employs. We hope to contract with them to produce a small batch of prototypes for beta testing. Typically they can manufacture from just a few to several thousand for testing, evaluation, and feedback. This small production run cost, is where the grant through the Manufacturing and Technology Resource Consortium will be dedicated.

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